Kevin Durant was the beneficiary of an awful call but still somehow decided to blast the refs. You can always count on Durant speaking his mind and doing so in a way that makes you shake your head. 

The Houston Rockets were the one who could have suffered thanks to a blown call by the refs late in an overtime matchup against the Golden State Warriors, so you can imagine why Chris Paul and Daryl Morey decided to speak out. You wouldn't expect KD to join them, but that just goes to show the drama he's looking for these days.

Durant said he knew he could easily fool the refs when he was clearly out of bounds while chasing a loose ball with under a minute left in OT.

So the Warriors didn't walk away with a win and it's still going to cost Durant some money. Nice move, genius. 

This was a critical possession of the game and this missed call kept the ball with Golden State, who turned it into a Curry jumper to take the lead with a handful of seconds to go. James Harden managed to take the game out of the refs' hands by drilling the game-winner, but Durant and the Warriors caught a huge break with this missed call.

Apparently, it was a strategy by Durant who said the refs miss calls in general, thus proving he could easily fool them. 

To give him some credit, he wasn't wrong. He pulled it off and gave his team a chance to win at the expense of the officials. 

The NBA should be fining Durant in about