For the second year in a row, the Eagles are hopping off of the Wentz wagon in order to support Nick Foles.

It's more than reasonable, considering Wentz is out with a spinal injury, while Foles prepares to lead this team on another run throughout the postseason. If all you saw was this billboard, though, you'd assume that Philly was ready to move on permanently.

A billboard in Philly reading "From Wentz We Came, in Foles We Trust" just proves that this team is ready to put all their chips behind Foles for the future. 

Why even mention Wentz at all at that point? They're just adding fuel to the flames.

The Eagles still have the postseason separating them from making an actual decision at quarterback, but things could get very interesting if the team is unwilling to part with their insurance in Foles. Doug Pederson has already reiterated that  Wentz is "their guy" and Foles is reportedly on his way out next season.

Do you think that will remain the same if Foles wins another playoff game? How about if he wins two or three? He's playing at an incredibly high level with a 4-1 record as a starter this season and is showing he makes the Eagles a different kind of beast when he's at the helm. 

Throw in this billboard and it's a done deal. Foles has the numbers, the wins, and, now, the support of the fans over Wentz. 

The Eagles are going to find themselves in an extremely tough position this offseason, but another Super Bowl run could make it a bit easier.