ESPN loudmouth Stephen A. Smith is known to have some questionable takes and funny blunders more than just occasionally. One of these takes heading into the NBA season? That Luka Doncic wasn't the best player in the draft. As a result, this increasingly unpopular opinion has put him on the wrong end of some intense criticism.

Right on cue, former Cleveland Cavaliers coach David Blatt called out Stephen A. for his opinion that DeAndre Ayton of the Phoenix Suns was a superior bet.

"I told everyone [Doncic] was the best player in the draft. Stephen A. Smith is clueless at basketball," said Blatt, who now coaches in Greece. Of Course, Stephen A. is not one to stay quiet about anything. He responded to Blatt and absolutely refused to back down:

Stephen A. justified his reasoning for liking Ayton, who is having a fine rookie season and brings real quality on the offensive end. He also has a point in acknowledging that Doncic was drafted third overall and that Sacramento passed on him as well.

While Ayton is putting up 17 points and 11 rebounds per game, it's awfully hard to argue now that Doncic isn't the best rookie. The 19-year old averages 19.5 points , 6.5 rebounds, and five assists, and makes amazing plays on a consistent basis. If Stephen A. Smith had known a bit more about Doncic at the time of the draft, he probably would have been more of a fan, but that ship has definitely sailed now.