​The ​​​College Football Playoff Final is set to be held on Saturday in Santa Clara, Calif., and one question that has come up is why the league decided to host the game there?

Santa Clara is over an hour from the nearest sports cities, Oakland and San Francisco, and there is very limited college football support in the area. 

Both teams play in some of the biggest college football hubs in the nation, but instead of hosting the game in the south like they did last year in Atlanta, the game will be played in arguably the worst location possible. 

The demand for this game is simply not going to be as big as it was last season when fans from both sides could reasonably travel to the stadium without having to book plane tickets across the country. 

Even the ​prices of tickets have seen an absurd drop this year, as the NCAA realizes that Alabama and Clemson fans might not have the desire to fly across the country to attend the game. 

Last year's tickets were going for as much as $1,700, whereas this year some are dropping down to around $145. 


This title matchup already has the makings of a disaster, as it will look more like a mixed bag of college football fans than a showdown between Alabama and Clemson supporters. 

To host the game in Santa Clara was a questionable call and likely just a way for the NCAA to make some quick cash, but it's becoming quite clear that the decision was not in the best interest of fans.