The Most Valuable Player award is supposed to be given to a player who is just that: the most valuable asset to his team. 

Yet, since 1986, when linebacker Lawrence Taylor claimed the honor, only quarterbacks and running backs have won the award.

Well, that has not quite sat well with defensive players, to say the least. Most notably. J.J. Watt is perturbed; he acknowledged that it is nearly impossible for a defensive player to win the award, no matter how good his season was.

In 2014, Aaron Rodgers claimed the award with 31 votes, and Watt finished in a distant second, with only 13 votes. While Rodgers did have an incredible season, finishing with a 112.2 passer rating, Watt was on another level in 2014.

That year, Watt recorded 20.5 sacks, two turnovers returned for a touchdown, and even caught three touchdowns on offense. Seasons like Watt's 2014 campaign just do not come around that often, and Rodgers winning MVP with yet another solid campaign proves that it truly has become only an offensive award.

This year, Aaron Donald is the only defensive candidate with a shot at claiming the award. But even with the ridiculous season he has had, a quarterback will likely take home the trophy. Having the ball in your hands every play is quite excellent for optics, after all.

Donald would have to overcome stellar seasons from quarterbacks Patrick Mahomes and ​Drew Brees. Given the league's infatuation with the gunslinging Mahomes, it seems very unlikely that Donald will break the NFL's offensive MVP trend.