Last night, when Paul George of the Oklahoma City Thunder made a stunning deep jumper against the Lakers despite being fouled, Russell Westbrook got hyped. He broke out Lance Stephenson's signature air guitar celebration and taunted him with it. And naturally, Lance did not look too happy about things.

The "air guitar" celebration was ​Stephenson's go-to recently against the Golden State Warriors. He strummed in celebration during an 11-point run of his own after he made a three-pointer.  

After Lance got embarrassed on the and-one by PG13, Westbrook was not going to miss a chance to taunt his opponent. However, when asked about his choice of using the signature celly, Russ said that he didn't plan on doing so and that he wasn't really thinking about it. 

The Thunder ended up beating a LeBron-less Lakers team 107-100 last night. Westbrook had himself a triple-double with 14 points, ten assists, and 16 rebounds, but was atrocious from the field. But of course, his little taunt simply transcended the stat sheet.