​Alexander Ovechkin shocked the NHL community when he revealed that he'll be skipping the All-Star game in order to rest and take some time away from the league. 

The 33-year-old superstar deserves all the rest he can get considering he's currently sitting with an incredible 29 goals on the season, but skipping the All-Star Game after being ​voted as one the captains by the fans can have some consequences. He'll be suspended one game for his decision.

Now we'll have to wait and see if Ovi will lead a new trend for top players to skip out on the All-Star Game in order to get some rest. ​​

Ovechkin was slated to appear in his eighth All-Star game, captaining the Metropolitan Division side along with ​Connor McDavid (Pacific), Auston Matthews (Atlantic), and Nathan MacKinnon (Central).

The decision by Ovi is understandable, but can still put a sour taste in the fans who wanted to see him play and put forth the effort to make him a captain.

It's tough for the NHL to treat the All-Star Game ​​seriously when their marquee players won't even play in it. 

Ovechkin was very vocal in his distaste for the NHL's choice to skip out on the Olympics, so maybe this is his revenge for the decision. No matter what the inspiration was behind Ovi's decision, it's time to consider how crucial the All-Star Game really is for the players and fans. Expect some uproar from NHL higher-ups and fans alike as the search for Ovechkin's replacement begins.