James Harden has been sending a message to the league as of late.

The Rockets may have struggled early on and are without their superstar point guard Chris Paul, who is dealing with a hamstring injury. They still haven't slowed down as of late as they've won five straight and 10 of their last 11 games all thanks to the play of The Beard. 

Harden's scorching tear has him right back in the MVP race, a contest he believes is already over.

The All-NBA guard says he "needs it" when it comes to winning another MVP award and believes he'll get one after this season.

When you're on a shooting streak like Harden is, you better believe you'll have a little extra confidence. 

Harden is no stranger to the MVP award as he knows what it takes to win one. There hasn't been a back-to-back MVP winner since the 2014-15 and 20015-16 seasons when Steph Curry brought the award home. You may not want to see someone who is favored by the league win the award once again, but you can't look past this run Harden is making.

How can you not give it, or at least consider giving it to the man who is putting up numbers like this?

Harden should feel this confident. If he keeps this up, which is a tall order, he'll have it in the bag.