​A tragedy has occurred for Notre Dame fans and family alike. Former Fighting Irish defensive back Josh Atkinson has unexpectedly died at the young age of 25.

His twin brother and former Notre Dame alum George Atkinson III took to Instagram to make the heartfelt announcement.

​​The children of legendary ​Raiders defensive back George Atkinson, Josh and George were brought into ​Notre Dame in 2011 with high hopes. 

While George found his role as a running back and had a heap of success, Josh decided to take up the same position his father once played. He was also an ace for the special teams unit.

Josh was an all-around athlete. He had great success for the school's track team, as well.

The has been no report on the cause of death. Regardless, 25 is way too young for anyone to pass away. A harrowing experience for his family and former teammates.

Notre Dame has yet to speak on the death, but they will make an announcement. Both of the Atkinson twins were important to the school.