Ever since he was traded to the Raptors way back in July, NBA fans have had Kawhi Leonard's return to San Antonio circled on their calendars, and that day is finally upon us. 

On Thursday, Leonard will finally visit the San Antonio Spurs, who he essentially spat in the face of after sitting out nearly all of last season and then later demanding a trade. This game will be the basketball equivalent of running into your ex after a bad break-up. 

Despite the obvious tension between the two parties, Leonard told the media that he thinks the game on Thursday will be fun (cue awkward Kawhi laugh). 

What will probably be the most 'fun' for Spurs fans is actually seeing Leonard play a game at the AT&T Center, something he has only done 4 times in the past two years. 

However, the good times will probably end there for the Spurs, as revenge does not look like it's in the cards, given  Rudy Gay's injury and the fact Kawhi has been on fire the past few weeks. 

So while at first the discomfort in San Antonio will be rooted in Leonard's presence, his play will probably make the Spurs feel even worse.

Sorry Spurs fans.