NFL franchises with vacant head coach positions aren't an enviable bunch. While the charmed franchises around the league are gearing up for the playoffs, these less-fortunate organizations are scrambling to find the next young gun to bring a spark of life to their teams.

Right on cue, Yahoo Sports is now reporting that the Jets and Cardinals are planning on interviewing former Texas Tech head coach Kliff Kingsbury.

Apparently Arizona and New York are not the only teams interested.

​Kingsbury would fit the mold of a Matt Nagy or Sean McVay perfectly. He is only 39, and has had success with his prolific, pass-heavy offenses. He was the coach of the Red Raiders when​Patrick Mahomes was throwing for approximately 10,000,000 yards per game, after all.

(That's not an exact measure, but you get the idea.)

The coach spent time with Texas A&M, the University of Houston, Texas Tech, and USC. He developed guys like Mahomes, Case Keenum, Johnny Manziel, and Davis Webb. That's not a bad resume, tough the Red Raiders decided to cut ties with him in late November.

He recently turned down a head coaching offer with the University of Houston, and has accepted the offensive coordinator job at USC. But if he has his eyes set on the NFL and the right offer came in, anything could happen.

Hiring Kingsbury as a head coach may be a gamble. A young and creative coach doesn't necessarily mean results like McVay or Nagy have posted. He has a 35-40 record as a top man in college. But for a team needing a shot in the arm to break a cycle of mediocrity, he might just be the guy to bring in to provide a real jolt.