Josh Allen -- no, not the Buffalo Bills QB -- has proclaimed himself to be the best choice for the first overall pick in the 2019 ​NFL Draft, and he hasn't done so humbly. The Kentucky linebacker was amongst the best in the country this season, and is sure to be selected highly. But the top pick in the draft? That's a bit brazen.

​But you've gotta love the ambition and confidence from this young defensive dynamo. 

​​Allen was quoted as such after ​Kentucky's Citrus Bowl victory over Penn State, 27-24. He didn't back down from his bold statement, later taking to Twitter to fire off the same statement verbatim. 

You know, just in case it wasn't already clear.

Allen definitely has every reason to be confident about his draft stock. He was ​dominant today against Penn State, and he was one of the best pass rushers in the country all season long for the surprising 10-3 Cats.

Gunning for the first overall pick is ambitious to say the least, but it's definitely possible being that the Arizona Cardinals could use someone to complement Chandler Jones. Stranger things have happened!