​We already know that the Kansas City Chiefs, led by quarterback Patrick Mahomes, have one of the best offenses in football. But even the better offenses in the land stick to the script for the most part.

On Sunday in the third quarter against the Oakland Raiders, Mahomes connected with wide receiver Demarcus Robinson on an ​89-yard touchdown for his 50th scoring toss of the season. That doesn't always happen, to say the least. But it was later revealed that Mahomes and the Chiefs were ad-libbing on that play.

The play was originally set up for ​Tyreek Hill, but he was double- and triple-covered. Mahoems then made his progression to Robinson, who was suppose to run a stop route. Since he beat his defender off the line, he kept running down field and Mahomes hooked up with him for a long-distance bomb.

The fact that they're doing stuff like this should scare every team in the NFL.

The only way this happens is if there are several weapons on the field that can take it to the house, and for Kansas City you have two of the best skill guys in Hill and tight end Travis Kelce. However, you can bet this isn't the first time this offense has played a little backyard football in pursuit of a home run play.

Their defense is still troublesome, but with this offensive attack, KC has the ability to reach the Super Bowl. It's hard to defend an offense that can improvise an explosive strike when the initial plan doesn't pan out.