​It's been widely reported that ​Manny Machado will announce his next team after the New Year, but we might have a slip up on our hands. 

Despite various reports that Machado will be a ​New York Yankee next season, we've heard nothing from the man himself. Finally, Machado broke his silence...sort of. On Instagram, Machado's official account just started following the YES Network, which is the Yankees' flagship station.

Cue the alarms! Sure, this is no guarantee, but Machado following the Yankees-affiliated YES at this juncture has to be a good sign, right? At the very least he's toying with Yankee fans, which is something we can all appreciate.

Should Machado actually take his talents to New York, he'd instantly be a force in the middle of their lineup with the ability to play both shortstop and third base for the Bronx Bombers. 

The positional flexibility would come in handy, especially at the beginning of the season as Didi Gregorius could miss significant time as he recovers from Tommy John surgery.