​​Antonio Brown's Steelers career has been filled with so many highs and very few lows, but the latter are beginning to become all the more obvious after Pittsburgh's season ended in disappointment this past Sunday.

The Steelers did manage to narrowly avoid disaster and beat the lowly Bengals, but it was too little, too late. With a Baltimore win, Pittsburgh's fate on the outside looking in was sealed. But according to an unspecified teammate, that drama was the least of AB's concerns.

​Brown reportedly missed practices and the Bengals game due to a heated dispute with a teammate.

​​The disagreement occurred on Wednesday morning, according to one Steelers player. Brown and an unnamed teammate got into a verbal altercation which ended in the future Hall of Fame wideout throwing a football in disgust. 

Brown did not practice for the rest of the week, but showed up on gameday with every intention of playing the final game out with his teammates. This, of course, led to further drama.

Brown was not allowed to play in an 'embarrassing' display, as one Steelers player put it. Another described the incident as 'one of the worst I've seen'. Yikes.

Despite all its talent, Pittsburgh continues to allow petty issues get in the way of winning. What else is new?