​LeBron James has finally said it himself. He does believe he is the GOAT. In his latest episode of More Than an Athlete, the king crowned himself. How do Michael Jordan fans feel about this? Probably pretty damn upset. 

​​Regardless of what your opinion is on who the GOAT truly is (we could debate Lebron vs. MJ for hours on end), LeBron's rationale for his self-declaration is pretty convincing.

That 2015-16 ​Warriors' squad was supposedly the greatest to ever take the hardwood. Golden State even dethroned the great '96 Bulls' regular season record. The Warriors went 73-9 and the Bulls that year went 72-10.

On top of that, James recounts how he brought a championship to Cleveland, a city that had endured a 52-year drought without a pro sports title.

You can decide whether this makes Lebron the GOAT. Is he really the best to ever do it? Whether you are a strict believer in Jordan's GOAT status or side with Lebron, these comments are eye-opening.

We've never quite heard the King say it himself until now.