​The New York Jets already have at least one candidate in mind after firing head coach ​Todd Bowles following Sunday's season-finale loss to the New England Patriots. 

The Jets have reportedly set their sights on Kansas City Chiefs offensive coordinator Eric Bieniemy.

​​With several NFL teams in need of a new head coach, the Jets may not be the only team interested in Bieniemy, who's Chiefs offense led the NFL in yards and points during the 2018 regular season.

If the Chiefs end up granting the Jets permission to interview Bieniemy, there's a good chance up to seven other teams may do the same.

​​Considering the large amount of NFL head coaching vacancies, it would probably be a good idea for teams to consider multiple strong candidates. For example, the Jets were rumored to also be considering Michigan head coach ​Jim Harbaugh

However, Bieniemy could have a bigger impact as the Jets' head coach. The organization's last two head coaches were defensive-minded. With a talented young quarterback in Sam Darnold, having an offensive-minded head coach like Bieniemy could help in his development.