​Temple football is being well compensated for a couple of ​key coaching losses. ​Manny Diaz, the former Temple interim head coach after Geoff Collins left to become the head coach at Georgia Tech, will take over for Mark Richt after his surprising retirement for the Miami Hurricanes. 

Diaz is the former defensive coordinator for Miami. 

Temple received $4 million from Miami just for that loss alone. Add the loss of former head coach Geoff Collins and the Owls' football program has netted $6.5 million.

​​Temple will surely miss both of their young rising-star coaches, but an economist might say the Owls made out the best with these deals. Temple will hopefully use their newly gained cash to build their program even further. 

Temple is coming off a successful 8-5 season, where they finished 7-1 in the American Athletic conference. 

It's a shame for the incoming Temple football recruits who planned on playing under Diaz or Collins. Now, there is uncertainty as to who will coach the Owls. 

Temple might use their newly acquired cash to lure potential head coaching candidates.