​Los Angeles Lakers star LeBron James may not be able to contribute on the court right now due to a ​groin injury, but that hasn't stopped him from having some fun with his teammates. James had a priceless way of celebrating teammate Lance Stephenson's three-pointer during Sunday's 121-114 win over the Sacremento Kings.

​​James has managed to continue entertaining the masses despite being unable to play. Just a few days ago, he hilariously rolled up to the Staples Center for a game against the Los Angeles Clippers with a ​glass of wine in his hand. He later joked about it when he arrived Sunday.

​​While James would've certainly prefer being able to play on his 34th birthday, it's nice to see he still had fun from the benches. Hopefully he's back soon so that we can be graced with his play and off-court silliness.