​Professional boxer Floyd Mayweather still looks like a beast! On New Year's Eve (in Japan), he absolutely demolished Japanese kick boxer Tenshin Nasukawa. The ​hyped fight was over after just one round, when Nasukawa's team threw in the towel. 

​​The easy $9 million Mayweather made from this exhibition fight more than makes up for the money he had to pay for ​withholding crypto currency transactions. While he gets a lot of flack for supposedly not being able to read, Mayweather has shown throughout his career that he's a good businessman.  

​​When this fight was first teased in November, Nasukawa was undefeated in both kick boxing and MMA fights, going a combined 31-0. However, Mayweather is so far above the rest of the competition that he made Nasukawa look like an amateur. Hopefully Mayweather decides to come out of retirement to continue his dominance over the rest of the boxing world in more meaningful matchups. The man is a generational talent!