Aside from Aaron Rodgers record-breaking contract, 2018 has been anything but positive for the Green Bay Packers superstar quarterback. The team went out in Week 17, not with a bang, but a whimper following a 31-0 shutout loss to their NFC North rivals the Detroit Lions.

Rodgers wasn't even able to finish the game, as he had to leave early with a concussion. That was, unfortunately, a microcosm of his injury-riddled season, one that he miraculously played through every step of the way.

And, it turns out, hat knee injury he suffered in the beginning of the season against the Chicago Bears may result in an offseason clean-up surgery, though we won't know right away; Rodgers didn't speak in the postgame scrum.

Rodgers' knee won't be the only valuable Packers asset that needs cleaning, as the franchise's coaching staff will also need its fair share of fixing.

We're hoping that Rodgers' surgery, if needed, isn't too major, but perhaps some rest, therapy and further evaluation can determine just how much damage he sustained in a season where the Pack never seemed to have it together.