​Manny Diaz, the ​ex-Miami defensive coordinator and inventor of the Turnover Chain, was all set to jump to Temple University as the new head man. He'd be missed in Coral Gables, sure, but hell. A head job is a head job. Got to take it, right?

Well, until Miami head coach Mark Richt "retired" on Sunday, leaving a void right there on the homefront. Turns out, the second that happened, Diaz started plotting a Josh McDaniels move, and ended up Miami's head coach by the end of the night.

But that doesn't mean his Temple tenure wasn't immortalized on Wikipedia.

​​There's been a murder.

We didn't expect Temple fans to be capable of editing a Wiki. We also didn't expect them to exist.

Naturally, Diaz's abrupt reversal of course has given the ​NCAA football world plenty of bulletin board material.

​​This was three days ago!

​​Oh, that's that good stuff. Hope you rented on Broad Street and didn't buy, sir!

That's some quick...turnover in the job department. If only there was some sort of chain for that kind of thing.