What's better than an entire city coming together? Well, a Browns victory, that would've been infinitely better. If you're a ​Steelers hater, you likely enjoyed watching Pittsburgh's season (quite likely) end at the hands of the Ravens defense at home against the Brownies. After defeating the Bengals, the entire team stayed out on the field to watch along with the fans on the big screen.

And ​JuJu Smith-Schuster started off quite jazzed, reacting boisterously to one of the best Jarvis Landry catches you'll ever see, a snag that got Cleveland to the edge of field goal range.​​

Instead of attempting a 57-yarder (the same number of varieties of Heinz ketchup ​​that exist, in case Pittsburgh wanted another lucky signifier), the Browns went for it on fourth down. Mr. Mayfield was picked up the middle by C.J. Mosley, and Baltimore won the AFC North.

Every Steelers fan went home in despair, too, and likely ran into their heroes in traffic. Is there anything more Pittsburgh than that?