With Carson Wentz not expected to return to game action even if the Eagles make the playoffs, Nick Foles is once again the man in Philadelphia

Don't get too excited, Eagles fans. That tenure isn't expected to last long. 

While Foles is slotted in as the team's starting quarterback for the time being, the organization will have to make some big decisions this offseason regarding last year's Super Bowl hero. And apparently, the decision will be to move on from Foles. 

Foles is slated to make $20 million in 2019 through a mutual option and the Eagles will have to decide whether or not they are willing to pay Foles that kind of money going forward. 

According to Ian Rapoport, it's unlikely the team will want to pay him that much next year but there is also a chance they franchise tag the 29-year-old and look to trade him under the tag to a team in need of quarterback help. Foles has proven he still has what it takes to lead this Eagles team, but the organization would sooner commit to Carson Wentz as their quarterback of the future. 

It's seemingly more likely than not that Foles' tenure in Philadelphia will come to a close at the conclusion of the season. That may not be what Eagles fans are focused on with a playoff spot still a possibility, but it is something they should be aware of as they look to the future of this franchise.