​​LeBron James is not subtle, and that might actually hurt him in this case. LBJ is not so quietly trying to convince NBA stars to team up with him in Los Angeles. The only issue? This is technically considered tampering. In response, the NBA has warned teams and players actions like those ​James has frequently employed are no longer tolerable. What was LeBron's response?

​​Dude! You had one job!

To be fair, LeBron runs this league, and there's very little Adam Silver can do to control James' social media tactics. On the other hand, James tweeting about impending free agent Kawhi Leonard the exact same day the Association send out their memo is poking the bear.

James attempts to sway Leonard to LA are nothing new, although Kawhi doesn't seem interested in being a sidekick at this juncture. In fact, there's reportedly more likelihood Leonard heads to the Clippers to battle LeBron head-to-head for publicity than join forces with the 3-time NBA champion.

But that doesn't mean Leonard isn't worth the effort for King James.