With the ​Cleveland Browns finally turning their horrible fates around into what could become their first winning season this Sunday since 2007, the owners have decided to expand their interests into soccer.

Browns owners Dee and Jimmy Haslam decided to take ownership of the Columbus Crew, ensuring that the long-time ​MLS franchise will remain in Ohio for the near future.

The Columbus Crew have been in Ohio since 1999, and are one of the MLS's founding clubs. With the Browns succeeding in Cleveland, and Ohio sports starting to gain momentum, the Haslam family did not want to lose one of the state's most beloved sporting franchises.

The Crew boasts one of the most loyal and impressive fan bases in the country. 

After news spread that the Crew could be on the move, fans bound together behind the slogan #SaveTheCrew, and it seems as if their wishes have been answered.

The new owners wanted to make sure that the Crew would remain in Ohio after speculation that the club could be moving to Austin, Texas grew. 

Looks like the Haslam family really did #SaveTheCrew.