​Ah, NBA refs. They are the least lighthearted officials in the sports world, it seems. Anything and everything can cause the blow of a whistle, even just friendly support. Rockets Chris Paul received a technical in their game against the Celtics on Thursday. The best part, Paul wasn't even dressed to play.

I mean, sure, ​Paul was jawing with the refs and 

A technical? Whew. What would throwing Paul out of the game even do? Lower bench morale? Very, very critical. The team would crumble without those claps.

The official wasn't done there. He was throwing out technicals all night.

Looks like someone didn't get him that Celtics jersey he wanted for Christmas. 

I still don't understand the point in giving a penalty to someone that isn't going to play. Does he have that much of an ego trip? And another technical for hanging on the rim? This is basketball, not boarding school.