​Jon Jones is fighting another UFC bout on Saturday where he will take on Alexander Gustafsson. If you don't follow the sport closely, this may come as a bit of a surprise. All of the news surrounding Jones in the past two years has been about his various suspensions for using banned substances. A reporter during a press conference decided to bring up Jones' controversial past. However, Jones and Dana White blasted her for it:

Let us be honest. The reporter's question is completely fair. Why is ​Jones still fighting when fighters like Frank Mir were dished out two-year suspensions for the same thing? 

Jones insulted her by saying they needed better journalists, but she's doing exactly what a good journalist should do. She's asking the questions everyone is wondering. The answer: money, money, and more money. Jones is the UFC's star fighter right now, and White is well aware of that.

White even moved the fight from Nevada to California because Nevada refused to give him his license to fight due to his illegal use. He is that guilty. 

Can you blame the UFC, though? ​They are a business and they are willing to do whatever it takes to get the highest numbers, even if it's immoral. 

Poor reporter, though. She didn't deserve the barrage of insults. They know it was a valid question.