The  Arizona Cardinals were an absolute trainwreck this season. After selecting QB Josh Rosen in the first round of this year's NFL draft to pair up with future Hall of Fame WR Larry Fitzgerald and star RB David Johnson, the Cardinals looked set to make some noise.

However, this was obviously not the case, and now it's being reported that first-year head coach Steve Wilks could be fired this coming offseason. With the team desperately struggling at 3-12 and in play for the first overall pick come draft day, the Cardinals may look to burn it down and start all over again.

One piece, however, that the Cardinals need to build around is Rosen, who has shown some promising moments behind a horrible offensive line.

Rosen was asked if he believes if Wilks is the man to help lead this rebuild, but he didn't have anything of substance to say, which can't be a good sign.

It's hard to put players on the spot like this and ask such tough questions with jobs on the line, but perhaps this is setting the stage for the inevitable. 

With the Cardinals searching for a new identity, it may make sense for them to move on from the more defensive-minded Wilks and hire an offensive specialist in place that will help build around Rosen and his skills.

We shall see what happens in Arizona after this weekend.