​The Houston Astros missed out on a big opportunity to strengthen their lineup when it was reported Thursday that free-agent designated hitter Nelson Cruz signed a deal with the ​Minnesota Twins

While the Astros improved their outfield with the signing of ​Michael Brantley, the team is still in need of a designated hitter now that Evan Gattis is a free agent.

​​There weren't many designated hitters available via free agency this offseason. Cruz was by far the best. He would've helped further lengthen a lineup that already includes great hitters like Jose Altuve, Carlos Correa, Alex Bregman and George Springer. 

Considering the details of Cruz's contract, it's even more surprising the Astros couldn't get a deal done with the slugger. These are some pretty weak financials.

​​With Cruz off the market, the Astros should probably consider re-signing Gattis. While he may not hit for average, he's still a very dangerous power threat. Last season, he hit 25 homers and had 78 RBI, but had a .226 average and .284 on-base percentage. Another great option for a DH could be Wilmer Flores, who is a solid hitter, but defensively challenged. 

Whatever the case, the Astros missed their golden opportunity and it was clearly a big mistake.