There is no doubt that Manny Machado and Bryce Harper are the top two free agents in the MLB this winter​, and for years there was little doubt that there was one landing spot for the both of them.

Remember all the talk of the New York Yankees splurging their finances after the 2018 season? It appears as if the two star players were hoping for that.

The New York Post's Joel Sherman wrote that both Harper and Machado prefer to land with the Yankees instead of a team like the Philadelphia Phillies or Chicago White Sox.

​​While the mutual interest between the ​Yankees and Machado is no secret, it's not the same sentiment with Harper, as the Bronx Bombers do not seem too interested in signing the former Washington Nationals outfielder.

Based on the team's public remarks about spending, there's no way both of these guys are coming to New York.

This has to be disappointing for a team like the ​Phillies, who've made their intentions clear of wanting to spend money and go big-name hunting this offseason. The fact that neither has yet to sign and it's being reported neither prefer Philadelphia, it's not a good sign for former NL powerhouse.

While it seems given that Machado will wind up with the Yankees, the organization should go ahead and surprise its fanbase by adding Harper too. Might as well.