No amount of late-season magic can save Nick Foles' future in Philadelphia.

The backup and Super Bowl MVP has once again filled in as the savior for the Eagles as they're just one win away from storming back into the playoffs with him at the helm. Lightning doesn't strike twice though, so this second showing of Foles as a hero has fans thinking whether or not Philadelphia has been choosing the wrong QB.

The man in charge put that theory to rest quickly as Doug Pederson says Wentz is "our guy." 

He claims he doesn't have to keep reassuring Wentz that he's the man in Philadelphia, but may have to keep convincing himself. 

As a starter with Philadelphia, Foles is now 8-2 over the past two years, including that historic Super Bowl run. People are already looking for places to send Wentz because of it, but Pederson and others still believe he's the future of the organization and the better quarterback overall.

Is Pederson going to have to keep saying things like this if Foles makes another run for the title? He's been put in a peculiar position as he says Wentz is the future (while Wentz says wants to play through his stress fracture), but Foles is still playing with the Eagles' season on the line.

It's a tough problem to have, and as long as they keep winning, it's never going to end.