​It's always an honor to represent your university by taking part in a ​college football bowl game, but players from Georgia Tech and Minnesota will have another reason to participate in the 2018 ​Quick Lane Bowl on Wednesday.

Participants of the game will receive a life-sized Fathead of themselves, courtesy of Dan Gilbert, who owns the company. Fathead's based in Detroit, which is the city hosting the Quick Lane Bowl. 

​​That's definitely a bizarre benefit of playing in the game, but one worth playing for nonetheless. Imagine playing a football game and then walking away with a life-sized sticker version of yourself? Where do you put that? Bedroom wall, or ceiling above the bed?

This is just another example of what makes bowl games into special events and how each sponsored game is unique in its own way. 

Minnesota finished the season with a 6-6 record and earned their ticket to a bowl game, despite struggling in conference play (3-6). Georgia Tech, on the other hand, finished the year 7-5 and in second place of the ACC Coastal division. 

The two sides will compete to take home the victory, but win or lose, everyone is walking away with a life-sized Fathead. What more could these players ask for?