The mark of any great quarterback is his ability to put his team in the position to win at the end of a game. For Deshaun Watson, doing just that is second nature. 

A stat recently came out noting that a Watson-led team has not lost by more than one score (eight points) in his career...including college.

Putting your team within one score is exactly what every team in the NFL wants in their quarterback. Watson simply does not let his team get blown out. The Texans utilizing a great defense that features J.J. Watt certainly helps, but the fact that Watson has maintained this ridiculous pace during not only his time in the NFL, but also while quarterbacking Clemson, demonstrates that Watson is the future of the quarterback position.

Still not convinced Watson is an elite quarterback? Take a look at his performance in prime time this year:

The anti-Kirk Cousins!

​Watson is undefeated in nationally-televised games this year. That kind of ability to thrive under pressure will be a massive advantage for the Texans come playoff time when the bright lights might get to a player of lesser stature.


Prior to the season, there were concerns that Watson would be unable to return to his prior form following surgery to repair his torn ACL. Those concerns persisted during Houston's 0-3 start. However, Watson has clearly shown that he is back and better than ever. 

The AFC playoffs will be hyper-competitive this year, but do not sleep on Watson and the Texans. He'll certainly keep it close.