​The New York Yankees and the Boston Red Sox have been heated rivals for the past century. No matter their place in the standings, when these two teams meet, it always makes for interesting television.

The catalyst for this strife was the "Curse of the Bambino," and it just so happens to date back to this day 99 years ago. The Yankees acquired ​Babe Ruth from the Boston Red Sox in exchange for $100,000 and a $300,000 loan, with Fenway Park used as collateral.

Despite the Red Sox success prior to 1919, owner Harry Frazee was in need for some money, and the Yankees were willing to help out in exchange for the services of Ruth. Frazee's needed to finance his Broadway musical, "No, No Nanette." We wish we were joking.

After the trade, the Red Sox did not win another World Series for the next 86 years, as they appeared in just four of them, losing each in seven games. The Yankees were the beneficiaries of the trade, as they won 26 World Series titles in a staggering 39 appearances afterwards.

During Boston's slump, Yankee fans would mock the Red Sox faithful by chanting "1918" during games at Yankee Stadium. 

"The Curse" would​ come to an end in 2004, after the Red Sox overcame a 3-0 deficit in the American League Championship Series to reach the World Series, which they would win in four games against the St. Louis Cardinals.

Counting 2004, the Red Sox have won four world championships in four appearances, while the Yankees have won just one in their lone appearance in 2009.

Let us never forget the day when the greatest rivalry in sports was created, and continues to stand the test of time.