​Larry Fitzgerald is one of the classiest guys in the league. On the flip side, perhaps no one is dirtier of a player than Ndamukong Suh. 

Fans of his can't try and defend what he was caught doing in a game against the Cardinals, ​specifically when going at it with Fitzgerald. 

Watch as Suh basically tries to take Larry's eye out. 

What did I just watch? Watch it multiple times and you're going to be left furious. What Suh has done here SHOULD NEVER be repeated. He got caught red-handed and now it's time for the ​NFL to act. 

Suh should be suspended for at least two games for his latest action. That would sit him for the season finale, plus one playoff game. Think that's being too harsh? Well, what would we be saying if Larry suffered a serious eye injury? Thankfully, he's just fine and in the Christmas spirit. 

Time and time again, Suh matches previous dirty plays with something more sickening. This latest one on Fitzgerald is the worst he's ever done. 

If Roger Goodell and Co. want to be taken seriously and continue working to improve player safety, Suh must be punished. Let this man understand his insane acts have consequences.