​This is an absolutely terrible look for ​Ndamukong Suh and the Los Angeles Rams. LA ended a brief losing streak on Sunday against Arizona, but upon further review their star DT might have used dirty tactics to secure a victory. A video has emerged of Suh poking ​Larry Fitzgerald in the eye. On first look, it appears intentional and very dirty. 

​​The NFL is going to have to take another look at this. Suh has a history of dirty play, and while we'd like to give him the benefit of the doubt given his on-field talent, an act like this against one of the most universally-liked players in football is egregious. 

This very well could have been Fitz's final home game in the NFL, and the fact that Suh went out of his way to try and ruin this moment is unforgivable.

Sadly, moments like that overshadow his play on the field, which can be borderline brilliant at times.

More to come on this story, surely.