​If only Manny Machado would've run harder down the first base line and avoided clipping Jesus Aguilar's ankle during the postseason, he might not be in this situation.

According to George A. King III of the New York Post, there is "industry speculation the ​Phillies are also leery of a 10-year deal for $300 million for Machado," which would likely take their status as the highest bidder off the board, making their offer much more in accordance with market value.

The ​New York Yankees have met with Machado as well, and even though there is mutual interest between both parties, they aren't willing to go 10 years and north of $300 million. 

At least, that's what we are led to believe.

Philadelphia's owner publicly said they are looking to spend "stupid money" this winter, so it appeared if any team was going to overlook his shenanigans on the field and his injury history, it would be the Phillies.

Maybe the Chicago White Sox -- the third team to meet Machado -- won't care and are simply focused on adding a superstar to the mix, but the Phillies and Yankees don't want to hand out a blank check and ignore the other stuff that comes with the uber-talented infielder.

There's no doubt Machado will get paid big bucks, but it might not be what he initially thought he should garner.