​Chicago Cubs outfielder Kyle Schwarber has done a lot for his city both ​on the field and ​off in 2018. 

Now, he's wrapped the year up by proposing to his girlfriend Paige Hartman Sunday night.

Luckily for the big man, he got a yes.

​​Congratulations are deserved for Schwarber and his newly-minted fiancée. There isn't a better way for him to cap off 2018 than this. As for Hartman, this could be the greatest Christmas present of her life.

​​While Schwarber and the Cubs didn't end their season the way they planned, it's good to see something nice happen to one of their ambassadors.

As for the Cubs' holiday plans, it looks like all they want for Christmas is to clear payroll for Bryce Harper. Hopefully, ​Schwarber isn't one of the players the team ends up moving.

Regardless, soon Schwarber will have to replace the World Series ring on his finger with a wedding ring.