Aaron Rodgers finally got fed up. Nearing the end of a tumultuous season in which the Packers fired former head coach Mike McCarthy, lineman Bryan Bulaga was victim to a dirty hit courtesy of Leonard Williams. The play led Rodgers to unleash his pent-up frustrations on the poor Jets defender.

Defenders beware, the bad, bad man is not here to play. Know that if you come at Rodgers' linemen, you're going to have to go through him.

In his defense, Rodgers was symbolically standing up for his teammate, even if all he did was just give a love tap. This kind of leadership is what has helped make Rodgers a Super Bowl champ, and what Packers fans hope will lead their team back to the promised land next year.

The Packers ended up pulling out the win against the Jets, walking-off with an overtime touchdown to secure the 44-38 victory.

The Packers face the Lions next week. Be sure to tune in to see Rodgers absolutely man-handle some poor Lions players with shoves that would make Connor McGregor proud.