Though they're widely viewed as having the game's best farm system, the San Diego Padres are working to bolster their third baseman position in the offseason by raiding someone else's youngsters.

According to MLB Trade Rumors, the Padres are still enamored with New York's Miguel Andujar, and may be looking to find a way to acquire him in the near future.

Andujar had a stellar rookie year for the Bombers in 2018 by most metrics, though he's apparently highly available this offseason. He slashed .297/.328/.527 and had 27 homers, nearly winning Rookie of the Year at 23.

​His biggest issue, of course, is defense, an area in which he faltered throughout the season. The Padres can overlook that, though. He's young enough and talented enough to improve drastically in the near future. 

The question becomes: are the Yankees willing to part with Andujar? The team has praised him highly over the year, but he has found himself in trade rumors. It all comes down to ​whether the team can sign Manny Machado, you'd have to think.

If they can pull the superstar third baseman, the can improve the rest of their squad with an Andujar trade. 

​It would be a win-win for both parties.