Life isn't too bad for college hoops player Miles Reynolds right now. He's an Oklahoma Sooner. He just had himself a nice game in a win over Northwestern in his hometown. His team is 11-1. And he got himself a shoutout from Chance the Rapper. Yes, you read that last part right. Reynolds was featured on the popular rapper's Instagram story during the Northwestern vs. Oklahoma game. Check it out below:

Not a bad night for the kid at all, eh? 

​Reynolds put up 11 points, five rebounds, and two assists in the 76-69 victory over Northwestern on Friday, and also closed out the game with the final shots in overtime. On top of all that? The game was held in his hometown of Chicago, meaning Reynolds was able to put on the show for his family and friends.

It must've been a pretty good feeling to get home and see that you've been acknowledged by one of the world's most popular artists at the moment. And what an awesome gesture by Chance, too. Celebrities like him can do so much for people with just a simple action.