​DeMarcus Cousins went full John Wick in this one ("yeah, I'm thinking I'm back"). Playing some one-on-one with Kevin Durant at the Warriors practice facility, Boogie showed everyone just how far he's come in his recovery from an Achilles injury by putting the two-time Finals MVP on a poster.

​​That is just... wow, that's devastating. Durant could do nothin but respect it. That's what all the lying down on the hardwood was all about. Seriously, what can you really do after something as nasty as that? Well, he took some time to think about it, and decided that the solution was to run to Instagram with a sincere complain about the rules:

All told, the big loser here isn't KD's ego-- it's every would-be contender that thought they had a chance to de-throne the Dubs this season. Boogie's on the way back, folks. Nobody's evicting Golden State from the penthouse.