Everyone knows Jayson Tatum is a player on the court, but off the court too? Who would have guessed it?!

The ​Boston Celtics star allegedly left his current girlfriend Samie Amos for Toriah Lachell, the woman that he has a child with. Rumor has it that Tatum was courting both Amos and Lachell at the same time, and Amos isn't too thrilled.

The now ex-girlfriend posted an entire paragraph ripping Tatum to shreds on Instagram, calling the NBA star easily replaceable and full of flaws.

​​Here's the screenshotted post:


She deleted her Instagram account after this was made public.

With the Celtics trying to get back on top in the Eastern Conference, Tatum being distracted by his ex-girlfriend is the last thing that Boston needs.

Tatum's off-court flings don't seem to be impacting his play though, as his points (13.9 to 16.7), assists (1.6 to 1.7), and rebounds (5.0 to 6.5) are all up from a season ago. These numbers are a bit surprising considering that the return of ​Gordon Hayward was expected to take away some valuable minutes from Tatum. Instead, it seems like Tatum has stolen some of Hayward's minutes (most likely because Hayward hasn't been playing like himself since coming back to the hardwood).

I guess you can say that Tatum isn't that shy kid from Duke anymore.