What a sad history it's been for the Los Angles Clippers when head Coach Doc Rivers is saying that DeAndre Jordan should be the first player in team history to have his jersey retired.

While it's debatable as to whether or not Rivers is right in his assessment (he's not), it's a sad state of affairs if you're a Clippers fan, as the team hasn't had one player worthy of having their jersey retired in their whole history.

If there is a former Clipper that deserves to have his number in the rafters, it would have to be ​Chris Paul. The star point guard spent 2011-17 in LA and led the team to multiple postseason appearances.

While they never won a championship during Paul's time with the team, they were actually fun to watch and were better than their LA rivals the ​Lakers for a period of time.

A current Dallas Maverick, Jordan was certainly a good Clipper during his time with the team, but his jersey should not be the first one retired.