​Patrick Mahomes of the ​Kansas City Chiefs is having a ​once-in-a-generation type of year. The quarterback is on pace to exceed 50 touchdowns in the regular season and has made at least one if not multiple "wow a quarterback can do that" plays a game. He is breaking the rules for quarterback development in his first season as a full-time starter.

However, many NFL executives are somehow not buying in to Mahomes for MVP. In a poll of anonymous executives for MVP voting, the votes stacked up as follows: Brees 10, Mahomes 6, Rivers 3. One executive's comments for why Mahomes does not deserve MVP takes the cake for most absurd and ridiculous.


“The numbers are just ungodly (for Mahomes). But how much of it is Andy Reid?” an AFC executive said. “The threat of that f—— running game is what makes all of that s— work in L.A. So I’m saying Gurley.”

So is this executive trying to say that no player that is in any way a product of the coach's  system be MVP? This is just ignorant for how NFL coaching and player relationships work. Every player on the field in every position is assisted by their coach's schemes, play design, etc. 

A great coach is someone who takes a great player like Patrick Mahomes and puts him into the MVP discussion with play-designs, and the system in place. No player's brilliance of performance should ever be disvalued because of the brilliance of the head coach.

Maybe executives have something against a second-year player winning MVP or maybe they just flat-out don't like him or his style of play. Either way, they need to stop and recognize the man's exceptional football play.