​All-Star outfielder Michael Brantley just ​signed a two-year deal with the Houston Astros earlier this week, and he figures to be the right piece for this offense that was in desperate need of a left-handed bat.

Brantley had spent his entire 10-year career with the Indians, so moving on and going to a new team might take some getting use to. Luckily, the Astros had one of his former teammates, right-handed pitcher Joe Smith, to help ease the transition.

Well, sadly Smith just underwent surgery to repair a ​torn Achilles that will keep him out of action for a while.

Smith is just some veteran reliever. Why should this matter in the grand scheme of things? Well, part of the reason Brantley signed with Houston was because he knew Smith.

In the end, I'm sure Brantley won't have a problem fitting in and finding his niche in the clubhouse, but we all know that it's easier to get comfortable with your new surroundings when you know someone. Unfortunately, the one guy he knew and played with won't be around for the bulk of the 2019 season.