You can almost guarantee that every team who meets with Manny Machado is going to do this.

The superstar free agent showed up in Philadelphia on Thursday, and what do you think he had waiting for him? You guessed it. Machado was photoshopped wearing a Phillies hat and jersey on the big scoreboard at Citizens Bank Park.

The New York Yankees did the same thing when he visited the Bronx on Wednesday, and to be honest, it looked like he was meant to wear that cap and uniform. But you know what? He looks pretty sharp in the Philly red.

Maybe he's just one of those guys who would look good in any uniform.

I will say, it was a nice touch by Philadelphia to welcome Manny's wife on the scoreboard as well. Even though ​her name (Yainee) is basically Yankees, the Phillies are pulling out all the stops to convince him to sign in the City of Brotherly Love.