​Well, here's a whole lot of positive-sounding Yankee things for one evening.

Several hours after fans were left sour because ​Manny Machado's meeting with the Yankees lasted "only" 90 minutes, despite no one on earth knowing what qualifies as a long meet, it turns out the ​Yankees brought the party to the evening.

Yes, the whole contingent, along with Manny's wife and agent, went out for dinner Wednesday night.

​​No clue if A-Rod was involved, but he probably should've been.

And if you remain worried that the Yankees were scared off by some imaginary Machado boogeyman, then let this next tweet calm those nerves.

​​Yes, they're enamored with the kid.

Now, the only hurdle that remains is the money factor. Are the White Sox and Phillies about to stomp all over the suddenly-small-market Yankees? Would be nice if it was even a little bit close, considering we all know Manny feels a certain type of way about being a Yankee.

Ignore the "Johnny Hustle" nonsense. Even ignore the frustrated playoff spikings. You're really telling me the Yankees are going to pass on a 26-year-old future Hall of Famer who they're "enamored" with?

I mean...they still might. But they absolutely should not.