​Free agent infielder Manny Machado had his ​meeting with the New York Yankees on Wednesday, and we found out some important information in the process.

No, we didn't find out about any contract that New York offered Machado. Instead, we found that Manny's wife first name is Yainee, which pretty much is the same as Yankees.

Why isn't this a bigger deal?

Maybe this is why the Yankees have been considered ​​the favorites for the former Orioles and Dodgers infielder. Try saying "Yainee" ten times fast and I guarantee people will think you are saying Yankees. 

Or Laurel.

One person on Twitter pointed out that Yainee is how an intoxicated person would pronounce Yankees.

Machado's meeting with the Bronx Bombers lasted roughly an hour and a half. It's unknown what was discussed and how the meeting went for both parties. 

It has been previously reported that Machado's preferred destination is the Bronx, but who knows if another team such as the ​Chicago White Sox will offer more money and steal the free agent away from New York.

Of course, Yainee Alonso's brother Yonder plays for those very same White Sox now. Just saying.